What do I need to wear and bring?

  • A white T-shirt

  • Shorts or tracksuit bottoms

  • An old pair of sunglasses to help keep the paint out of your eyes or use the complimentary ones we will give you at registration

  • Trainers or outdoor shoes with good grip

  • Some warm clothes to put over your running kit

  • Wet wipes for a quick clean up

  • Money for food and drink if you would like some

What will I be issued with?

  • A race number at registration to pin onto your T-shirt

  • Complimentary sunglasses

  • A finishing medal, certificate and bottle of water at the end.

Is there a theme and do I have to adhere to it?

This year due to the way date sounds it will be a Star Wars theme. You can dress up as any character you like, but it is not compulsory.

What happens at registration?

When you arrive at the ELIM estate arrows will direct you to registration where we will need your name/s in order to issue you with your race number. Any further instructions will be issued when you register.

How will the runs be started and finished?

Depending on final numbers the runs will either be a mass or waved start in front of the main house with an airhorn.

How long is 1 lap of the route?

1 lap is approximately 2.5 kilometres or 1.55 miles.

What can I expect on the course?

A route which weaves its way up and down through the mature hilly ELIM grounds past many rare trees, under a small pedestrian bridge, past the folly that Lord Baden Powell used to sleep in, past the estate football pitches, around a small hill, down a ravine, through an ancient grove of Cyprus tress and past the ELIM amphitheatre. The path will be narrow at times and the ground will be uneven and potentially slippery with a mixture of grass, gravel and possibly mud.

Will the course be marked?

Yes - the course will be marked with a mixture of barrier tape, natural barriers like trees, tree trunks, shrubs and high viz arrows, so finding your way will be straight forward.

What is the paint like and does it wash off?

The paint is coloured powder made from corn starch and fully bio-degradable and washed off easily with water. It is not something you would want to eat, but it is not dangerous when inhaled. It can irritate eyes however, hence the need for sunglasses.

Clothes - it usually washes out of most clothes but can leave a trace behind on white and lighter coloured clothes, so it is best to make sure the T-shirt you wear is not your pride and joy. The colours are also more likely to bind onto your clothing if you get wet through water, rain or perspiration. Due to this we cannot be responsible for what happens to your clothing or shoes.

Hair and skin - The colour will wash off with water.

Does it matter if I don’t finish?

No not at all, if you have had enough, are tried or injured then simply stroll back to the finish under your own steam. If you need physical help find a marshal and they will sort things out for you.

What if I am running late and have to transfer to the afternoon run (for those entered in the morning run)?

That is no problem we will be able to transfer morning runners to the afternoon, but not vice versa.

Can spectators cheer me on and throw paint?

Absolutely - spectators will have access to parts of the grounds to support the runners and we will be selling packets of paint for them to douse the runners in as well at £2.00 a packet.

What are the age limits for the runs?

Runs - 5 years to as old as you like as long as you can make it around the course

Under 5’s are welcome if they are carried or pushed in suitable off-road buggies, ergos or child carrying rucksacks.

How fit do I need to be for the run?

This comes down to how many laps you chose to do and whether you want to run or walk or both.

The time allowed to finish the course would allow someone to walk slowly around it, so in short you don’t need to be very fit.

But if you want to push yourself and train a bit for the distance you are aiming at it will be all the more enjoyable.

Do I have to run or could I walk?

You can walk, run or do both.

Is there a cut off time for finishing the course?

Yes - 1230 for the morning run and 1600 for the afternoon run.

Will there be First Aid and marshals present?

Yes - First Aiders will be on hand and there will be marshals on the course if help is needed.

Are there toilets on-site?


Are there changing facilities on-site?


Are food and drink available?

Yes - The ELIM Sugar Loaf cafe will have a pop-up stand serving homemade cakes and ice creams and there will be a couple of fun outside caterers with hot food.

Will photos be taken?

Yes - there will be an area with a big picture frame where you can take a ‘before and after’ picture of your family and friends. We will also take plenty of pictures which will be posted to the Facebook page after the event for everyone to download.

What if the weather is bad?

Even if it is raining the run will go ahead, the only extreme weather that could change our plans would be very high winds if they could cause damage to trees and in turn falling limbs. We will keep an eye on the weather and if we have any concerns we will contact you in the week leading up to the event with alternative plans should we need them.

Can I raise money for charity and does my entry fee help anything?

Yes - this is an ideal challenge to raise some money for needy causes.

A good percentage of all entry fees goes to the ELIM International Centre to continue maintaining the grounds and 5% of the net profit will be donated to the local primary school for a new playground.

Are group discounts available?

Yes - there is an 8% discount for all group entries when you enter online.

Is parking available and do I have to pay for it?

To a degree! There will be limited parking on the ELIM estate on a first come first served basis. After this has gone parking can be found on the roads adjoining the ELIM centre, namely, West Malvern Road, De Walden Road and Croft Bank all of which is free. Larger car parks can be found towards the Wyche in the Malvern Hills Conservators car parks, they charge £3.00 and it is about a 5 minute walk to the ELIM centre.

Is there a waiver to sign for this event?

Yes - it is attached to the entry form.

Who runs the event?

The event is run and owned jointly by ELIM International and Greenrock Ltd a local challenge event and adventure travel company.

Do you need help on the day on a voluntary basis?

Yes - if anyone can free up some time to help in whatever way they can on the day it would be much appreciated and we would make sure you had plenty to eat and drink and a complimentary place in the run if you wanted it.

Can I bring a dog?