Charities & Partners



This is an ‘open challenge’ meaning you can raise money for anyone you like. Or you can simply run for yourself and not bother with sposnsorship. A good percentage of any profits go towawrds ELIM who are also a registered charity to help maintain their grounds and this year we are donating 5% of the net profit to St James’s Primary School across the road from ELIM to help towards building a new playground.

A few words from the head of St James’s School - Mrs Gemma Martin:

“St. James’ CE Primary School would like to refurbish their lower playground to make it the very best that it can be for all of the children who attend the school. 

Due to the school’s location, nestled in to the slopes of the Malvern Hills, flat, open space is limited. Therefore the school would like to develop the space available in the best way possible, incorporating equipment and resources that will promote physical activity, team work and mental wellbeing.”

Sponsors and Partners

If you would like to become involved in this exciting local event on a sponsorship or partnership basis, please contact us for opportunities. 

The ELIM International Centre and Greenrock Ltd a local challenge event and adventure travel company are partners in the run and work together to develop it year on year.


If anyone would like to help us on the lead up to the event or on the day itself we would love to hear from you and it would be highly appreciated. In return we would make sure you were fed and watered and had a complimentary place in the run if you wanted one!